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Windows Server Cloud Backup- Why Should You Backup to the Cloud?

Windows Servers are being used by enterprises all over the world so widely that they have become a preferred choice of many, and for good reason, as they offer many advantages. However, with so many uncertainties and reasons for data loss, it is best to backup these servers with cloud backup in order to protect mission-critical data.

In this article, we will discuss why is it important for enterprises to back up their Windows Server to the cloud.

Ransomware Attacks

One of the most common reasons for data loss is ransomware attacks. Enterprises that deal with mission-critical data need to make sure that their data and their Windows Servers are backup up to a safe and secure location in order to avoid any data loss.

Ransomware attacks are one example where enterprises can lose all their data if they are not prepared beforehand. If fallen victim to one, they won’t just lose their data, but they would also have to pay a hefty amount in the form of ransom to get their data back, which is not recommended as there is no way to track these hackers and there is no assurance that they might keep asking ransom and not return your data.

So, a better and recommended solution is to backup your data to the cloud of your choice. Whether it is any form of data like files or SQL servers or Windows Server cloud backup, everything can easily be backed up with cloud backup. So, that when a ransomware attack occurs, data can easily be recovered without having to pay any ransom and there won’t be any data loss.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are another reason for data loss. Even if your enterprise is not located in a disaster-prone area, there is still a chance that you might get hit with a disaster and if there is no backup of your data, there is no way to recover all of your lost data.

Apart from data being lost, without any Windows Server cloud backup, you will suffer a lot of downtimes. This excessive amount of downtime can greatly dent the business continuity goals of an enterprise and will cost them a lot of financial loss as well.

So, in order to tackle this, Buy a Windows Server appliance to get through all of this, all of the data is backed up and enterprises can recover any lost data and continue to remain operational even if their primary site is compromised.


Windows Server cloud backup is essential nowadays as there are so many sources and reasons for data loss, and any enterprise that has mission-critical data, cannot afford not to protect their data. So, in order to avoid any data loss, Windows Server cloud backup is a must.

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