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NAS Appliance- What Benefits Can It Offer?

Data storage needs of enterprises have changed over the years and traditional storage solutions just cannot fulfill the modern needs of enterprises. This is why scale-out NAS storage was introduced and to this day, NAS appliances are being used all over the world and are solving modern problems on enterprises.

NAS Appliance Offers Redundancy

When it comes to storage, it is always good to have a redundant copy of every resource as a backup so that if one fails, you always have a second copy as a replacement and make sure that the business does not suffer any downtime. This can prove to be very hectic and costly with traditional storage solution but with a NAS appliance, this becomes easy.

Instead of manually making copies of data on a separate disk, after purchasing one of course, enterprises can make redundant copies of their mission-critical data in the same NAS appliance.

NAS Appliance Offers Scalability

Scalability is one of the main features of any NAS appliance. With data expanding so rapidly, the need for scalable devices and appliances is also on the rise.

NAS appliance supports scalability in such a good way that enterprises do not experience any difficulties whatsoever. It is a very simple and quick process, and enterprises can easily add more storage capacity or add more performance to meet the storage and performance needs of the enterprise data and applications.

NAS Appliance Offers Data Replication

NAS appliance can replicate data on other secondary storage appliances with ease. This can be very useful in minimizing the risks and threats of losing data due to natural disasters or any other factors resulting in hardware device failure. Although these devices are not likely to fail often, the fact still remains that enterprises cannot afford losing access to their mission-critical data, so replication helps them to be extra sure.

NAS Appliance Offers Easy Management

NAS features also include easy management of all the enterprise’s resources, applications, and everything in between. Vendors like StoneFly offer easy usability and accessibility in their NAS appliances. Easy to operate GUI makes it really easy to operate and manage the NAS appliance and the data.


NAS appliance comes with a lot of features that not only proves to be beneficial for the enterprise but also adds a lot of extra value. NAS appliance offers many features that meet the data storage needs of enterprises. This way, enterprises get a complete data storage solution that is packed with many useful enterprise-grade features.

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