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Here you will find content that explains the complexities of data storage, cloud technologies, hyper converged solutions and data recovery and backup!

The Positive Impact of Software Storage Solutions on Organizations

There was a time when virtual storage solutions were only considered to be used for the data which was not critical for organizations. Back in the days, the common use cases for software storage solutions were archival data or cold tier data and were considered as an option, not a necessity.

Well, it is safe to say that this is not the case nowadays. The use cases for software storage solutions are now increasing every day and these solutions have become so common that almost every other organization is using them

Organizations are now relying more and more on software storage solutions for their mission-critical data and for good reason as they offer easy usability, scalability, cost-reductions, and many other benefits.

Software Storage Solutions Offer High Availability of Data

Software storage solutions involve running different algorithms like data deduplication, encryption and etc. at the software level instead of hardware level. So, this makes it very easy to control them via software from a central location using a simple management tool. This means easy management of data, along with whole system-wide access and control that makes the data highly available, all the time.

Software Storage Solutions are Cost-Effective

Software storage solutions are very cost-effective due to the fact that they offer very low initial charges. There are no dependencies for organizations to buy each and everything during the initial payment. They can simply get what they need and can easily add more features when they require them in the future.

Another cost-effective nature of software storage solution is scalability. With these solutions, organizations can simply add more storage and performance with just a few clicks and there is no need to purchase any separate storage system for this. This saves a lot of costs for the organization which can be used for other tasks and processes.

Software Storage Solutions Support Remote Data

Organizations that store their data and back it up in a remote location or in a branch office need hyper converged file server that offers great accessibility form virtually anywhere in the world. Software storage solutions seem to be better than any other solution in this regard as they offer easy usability and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

In such situations, data needs to be consolidated at a central location, so that it can be made accessible and available to the entire organization in real-time and this is made possible thanks to software storage solutions.


Software storage solutions offer many benefits for enterprises and are useful for a number of use cases, including all the ones in this article. They are simpler, flexible, scalable, and desirable for the organizations that need to be competitive in the industry and adapt to modern data storage technologies.

Vendors like StoneFly offer software storage solutions of their own, software concentrator virtual machine (SCVM), that enables organizations and businesses to make the most out of their data storage infrastructure in a very cost-effective manner.

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