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Hyperconverged Monitoring- Everything You Need to Know

Every IT administrator knows that Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the heart of IT. Without hyperconverged monitoring, alerting and analytics, even the modest of IT deployments can quickly get out of hand and the IT administrator may lose control. This makes the importance of hyperconverged monitoring so high and this is why it is important to talk about it.

Hyperconverged Monitoring- The Problem

Vendors that offer hyperconverged integrated systems or solution, negate the importance of hyperconverged monitoring, and enterprises have to pay extra to get it if they want it.

Some hyperconverged integrated systems or solutions are automated infrastructure black boxes where the vendors, that offer them, have put a significant amount of effort into creating self-healing solutions.

Now, here, the enterprise would expect to find hyperconverged integrated solutions that have internal monitoring and automation intelligence, but this, however, is not always the case.

Some hyperconverged integrated systems vendors have solutions that monitor and analyze hundreds and thousands of parameters to ensure that each and everything is working as intended. However, none of this information is available to the IT administrator directly. IT administrators do not receive an email of this, other than their usual routine emails from the vendor.

This should not be the case. Enterprises should be able to receive internal hyperconverged monitoring at all cost and it should be a basic feature.

Hyperconverged integrated systems or solutions should show enough information that a SIEM solution will be able to generate an alert if, let’s say, a disk needs replacing or a host in a cluster has gone down, or there's something wrong with a hyperconverged integrated system’s node's networking.

If nothing else, the hyperconverged integrated solution's alerting features can be set up to send e-mail alerts to a mailbox monitored by the organization's preferred SIEM solution.

Hyperconverged Monitoring- The Solution

The key differentiator between hyperconverged integrated systems vendors regarding hyperconverged monitoring is the availability of performance data. Vendors like StoneFly, have built their own monitoring and analytics solutions into their hyperconverged integrated systems. Integrating these capabilities makes up a significant portion of their market differentiation.

StoneFly offers hyperconverged integrated systems that offer hyperconverged monitoring and many other features as well like; data deduplication, snapshots, automated tiering, and many more.


Hyper converged nodes monitoring, as we have seen in this article, is very important. IT administrators need to be able to receive daily, if not hours, reports of the systems so that they can act well before time if anything gets corrupted and needs fixing or replacing.

Enterprises should sit with the vendor and clearly ask what does he has to offer in terms of features and functionalities, before getting a hyperconverged integrated system.

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