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What is SAN Storage and What Are It’s Use Cases?

What is SAN Storage?

SAN storage offers block-level data storage and it provides high speed; high performance dedicated non shared data storage to its users. This is a storage area network that has connected servers in a pool that makes sure that the data remains highly available even when one or two of the servers go down.

SAN Storage for Public Cloud

SAN storage can be really useful and beneficial for the public cloud and service providers. The market is facing some challenges and it has become really difficult for the service providers to generate profits. For this purpose, they need a solution that makes it easy to enhance ROI (return on investment).

The public cloud service providers are in a desperate need of having more cost-effective data storage solution which at the same time, also offers high performance to the users. It is a very flexible infrastructure which also makes it very easy to scale out.

The flexibility of the infrastructure allows the users to pay far less amount upfront as they do not have to buy everything all at once.

SAN Storage for Private Cloud

SAN storage can also be a very effective data storage solution for private cloud users. The enterprise private cloud providers can get a simpler and high-performance solution which helps them to make the full use of their infrastructure. The private cloud or hybrid cloud expansion can be one of the solutions for the reduction of the complexity they are facing.

Setting up a SAN storage for the private cloud is no more a very expensive and difficult infrastructure to deploy for the users. Nowadays, vendors offer low capital expenditure (CapEx).

The freedom from making huge payments right at the start of getting a solution is something that is very cost-friendly for the enterprises. They need to pay as their needs and requirements grow with time.

The easy and simple management of the private cloud is the main reason why enterprises can make full use of SAN storage infrastructure which is deployed for the private cloud environment.

SAN Storage for The IT Sector 

SAN storage can also be beneficial for the enterprises which are working in the Information Technology (IT) sector. There are very specific needs and requirements of IT companies like agility, speed, and enhanced availability. It is needed for mission-critical systems and storing the mission-critical data in a reliable and secure data storage infrastructure.


SAN storage with its benefits like high speed, dedicated block-level storage can greatly benefit public cloud, private cloud and IT companies dealing with the data that is mission-critical and needs to be stored in a secure, high speed and highly available data storage infrastructure.         

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