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Ransomware Attack on New Jersey School District Delays Classes


A New Jersey School district has been hit with a massive ransomware attack. Due to this, they called for a delayed start to classes on Monday. This was a forced move as the ransomware attack compromised the district’s servers last week.

The Attacks caused a Delayed Start in Schools

The schools in Livingston were forced to start two hours late on Monday morning after the servers were infected with ransomware. The servers went down on Thursday, resulting in chaos in the school district.

The reason for starting the schools late was to make sure that the communication with the staff is up to date before the students return for further instructions.

It is not clear exactly how much damage is done by the attack and how are they planning to resolve it but one thing is clear that students and parents are suffering widely from it.

The student portal, which contains all the grades and attendance information of the students is also down. There is no telling if the hackers have access to it but if they do, they can most certainly wipe out this information or might end up misusing it. Microsoft cloud backup can be used for effective data backups.

It Could Take Weeks to Get the Servers Up and Running Again

Faculty and members of the district’s IT department will be present on Monday evening at the Livingston High School to address the concerns of students and parents. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the school’s auditorium.

During a press conference on Monday morning, Police chief, Gary Marshuetz said that the attack was not a local attack and the investigations have started.

It is estimated that it could take several weeks for the server to be up and running again and in the meantime, the school district will work with an outside IT firm.

Backup and Disaster Recovery; The Ultimate Ransomware Protection

Backup and disaster recovery helps greatly in protecting data and systems against ransomware. If the school district had backup and disaster recovery, they would not have to go through all this and the attack could be easily avoided.

With features like anomaly detection, end-to-end encryption, daily reporting and many more, a backup and disaster recovery solution can help greatly in detecting and preventing a ransomware attack and can also easily recover data in a matter of minutes if an attack manages to pass through.

There are many backup and disaster recovery vendors available out there like Dell, Nautanix, StoneFly, so choosing a DR Backup plan won’t be an issue.


Ransomware has become so common these days that it has become difficult to keep track of it. New Jersey School district is just one of the recent examples of a ransomware attack. Don’t wait to be the next victim. Be wise and get a backup and disaster recovery solution today or risk falling victim to the next ransomware attack.

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